The Breast Blog: How To Become a Breast Health Ambassador - Chapter One

I own a company called Art Jam. Although the associated website has seen little action in the last few year's, thanks mostly to loosing my lease on the physical building where I ran the various programs, the concept of Art Jam is very much alive and well.

Art Jam is a state of mind that helps open up options and find new and satisfying ways to live life. In short, Art Jam stimulates living creatively, even if you don't feel like you have a shred of imagination. You do. In fact, everyone does.

When it comes to your health, breast or otherwise, a creative approach works wonders. Example. Did you know that you can self appoint yourself a Breast Health Ambassador? Did your posture just improve by my suggestion? Any images of velvet capes and satin shoes dance through your head? At the very least I suspect you cracked a smile.

Smiling is good for your health. So there you go.

The very first Art Jam Guideline that you need to adopt in order for you to take the stage as a world class Ambassador is very straight ahead.

Be brave.

For several year's, I ran play writing and acting workshops for grade 4-6 students. Every time I met a new class I would start my program by making a single request. "Today, I will ask you to be brave." Then, I would invite the class to stand up and find enough room to be able to extend their arms straight out at their sides, parallel to the floor. Then on the count of three I would demonstrate a chest pounding Tarzan roar at full volume. Mouths would gape open. Me, being the age of their mothers, had shocked the wee lads and lasses by my brazen, unorthodox behaviour. When I would insist that they follow suit, the next roar was inevitably lame. But with subsequent tries, their courage would increase and their roar would expand. By the end of the days program, anyone of the kids could have commanded an entire jungle on their very own.

So. Be brave. Try a few hearty Tarzan roars to start your day.

Please note. Being brave does not mean being fearless. Rather I suggest that you stay calm. Breath deeply if you feel afraid. Pause. Reality check your risks. Many of our health fears are induced in us by media messages and our own ignorance. Self educate yourself. Start by becoming intimately familiar with your own breasts. Look at them from all angles. Touch them. Get to know how they feel at different times of the month. See them as part of your body. Learn to like them. Or better still, learn to love your breasts in all their glory.

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