The Breast Blog: Calendar Girls

The Breast of Canada 2005 February photo is on the front cover or Going Natural, the winter edition of Canada's Magazine for Nude Living. About nine women in their twenties, with toques pulled low and scarves wrapped loosely, are running, topfree up a snow covered alleyway in Guelph, Ontario Canada. It is a spirited, joyous and delightful black and white photo taken by Guelph photographer Olivia Brown. And, I happen to know that it was a crisp minus 20 C the day of the shoot. Here in Canada, we call that 'nipplely'.

Inside the magazine, under the clever title Nudes Flashes, the photo is printed again along with a story about a few other 'Calendar Girl' type fundraising calendars. I have not seen any of these other offerings. But I suspect, as the editor suggests, that even though the calendars are billed as nude, " most 'nude' calendars hide the expected body parts."

Not so with Breast of Canada. For four year's running, Breast of Canada has shown fine art photography images of breasts. Every part up close and personal, including the much feared nipple....(thanks in part to last year's Super Bowl folks and Janet Jackson. How insensitive of her scaring everyone with her terrifying nipple of mass distraction....)

In my mind, what would be the point of publishing a breast health calendar if you failed to actually show the subject matter?

And I wonder why other fundraising calendar makers hide the body parts in calendars they market as nude? Something seems a bit off with this nude but not nude picture to me.

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