The Breast Blog: Birth and Death

One of the Breast of Canada calendar models passed away on New Year's Eve. Gabi had already survived one round of breast cancer in her short life. She died of metastatic breast cancer following a C-section that saved her 26 and 1/2 week old daughter Hana, a mere one pound at birth. Hana will never know her talented, energetic, brilliant and inspiring mother. But many people did. And many, many people are deeply saddened by this loss.

The final days of December 2004 have overwhelmed me. My heart has not stopped aching since the first report of the Asian Tsunami. And, now Gabi. And of course, many other people that I don't know have passed away too.

One minute, we are here, playing on the beach, painting the nursery, driving to the store. The next minute, we are not. Despite the universal reality of our path from birth to death, death startles. The intimate coupling of birth and death is something yet again.

I believe that the world is in a state of shock and grieving.

I know I am.

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