The Breast Blog: You Say You Want a Resolution

Christie Blatchford and Heather Mallick are two of my favourite newspaper columnists. Both write for the Globe and Mail, Canada's National Newspaper . And, in today's edition, both women offer up their two cents worth of 'what the world needs now.'

This morning, I read their efforts back to back which instantly fueled my own take on our world situation. That and the impossible front image of the same paper....a white couple, lounging on deck chairs, on the same Thai beach that was strewn with bodies earlier in the week and which continues to be in utter chaos and despair. My immediate impulse was to hate the arrogance and lack of compassion so blatantly displayed by this pair of Canadians? Germans? Aussies? Then, my familiar mantra " what goes around comes around" played through my mind. An ugly example of the worst kind of human behavior. Indifference.

Back to Christie and Heather. Ms. Blatchford reports on a new magazine that is dedicated to cosmetic enhancement or as I like to call it, Slice and Dice. Essentially, in my mind anyway, the magazine is the clever first aid to the sucker punch flying around that women need constant external improvement to qualify as worthwhile and okay. We don't. But that's not my point yet.

I've heard this before. Here it is again. In answer to 'why dedicate your life to various cosmetic surgery procedures', the most prevalent, albeit, shallow answer is, "I just want to feel better about myself".

Christie counters with the suggestion to try 'honest good work that makes you sweat'. Hmmm. An excellent idea Christie. Please take a bow and move to the front of the class.

Heather adds the icing to the solution of 'feeling better about ones self ' after much cavorting with resolutions she will not be able to keep. "Be a kinder human. Defend the weak." And I'll add, cultivate compassion. This is the true solution to feeling better about yourself. And, it is a perfectly natural quality that exist at the cellular level in women. We are kind, compassionate, loving creatures. But, if our sense of self becomes eroded, our energy will dissipate and our doubt will grow like mold on a peach.

Repeat after me. I AM WONDERFUL. Then smile at someone. Now there's a resolution with legs.

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