The Breast Blog: New Year's Resolution

Here's an idea that may just feed (at least) two birds with one seed.

One of the more popular resolutions made at this time of year is to get fit. Folks join gyms, buy running shoes and feverishly try to undo a year of inertia. And, just as often, by the beginning of February, all good intentions have fallen by the wayside. When this has been my story, which it has time and again, the main reason is my lack of interest in the activity that I've chosen to pursue. Not rocket science I know....I've come to learn it's always easier to do what you love.

So here's the thing. Why not try something new that might just spark a light deep in your soul, improve your health and your sex life? Or at least, your sense of your sensualness.

Before I elaborate, I must stress that increasing your fitness level is the one proven way of improving your breast health and reducing your risk of breast cancer . So there is much to be gained and nothing to loose.

Ready? Take up bellydancing! Really. I've done a couple of ten week sessions now and even though I feel like a broom moving around the room, I laugh, sweat and eventually melt some of the rigidness in my body. Plus the music is fabulous and the costumes are stunning.

A little creative seed to consider planting in your New Year's garden.

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