The Breast Blog: Tsunamis Two

Today's Globe and Mail pictured a play by play map of the path the tidal wave took. Not the complete path though. Only the first leg of the course.

I got out my atlas to further investigate what islands lay beyond the reported area then dove deeper into the paper to see if the reporting had managed to geographically expand. Finally I found mention of the east coast of Africa's experience and a report on dozens of islands that had yet to be contacted or heard from. No doubt the death toll from the Tsunamis will rise considerably in days to come.

This disaster will take generations to recover from if recovery is indeed possible. Right now, the world is paying attention. But with the short attention span of our culture, the on going political crap and corporate corruption, Tsunamis will quickly pass by as the flavour of the day.

What has any of this got to do with breasts?

The women and children of all the affected countries will be the very worst off for year's to come. Their traditional jobs are to raise, feed and care for their families. But with families decimated, food sources wiped out, homes washed away and disease on the verge of claiming more lives, the ability to recover and move on will be seriously hampered. The women will suffer tremendously.

These women need our help. Instead of indulging in that new, expensive bra or that unnecessary breast augmentation surgery, try this. If you are living in the U.S.A. direct your money to the Red Cross International Response Fund.

If you are in Canada, go to Red Cross. Or, anyone can choose to donate to The International Federation of Red Cross.

Money will not eliminate the nightmare that happened. But it will help reduce the nightmare from continuing.

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