The Breast Blog: Sensual Breast Photography

I got an email from a Breast of Canada calendar recipient that was disappointed that I "haven't shown a single photo in which breasts are being caressed" in the 2005 edition of the calendar.

She went on to say that "there is plenty of photography where the breasts are in what some might call 'pornographic' situations, but I rarely see a loving, sensual photo of breasts being caressed."

In the 2002 calendar I ran a photo of a hugely pregnant woman holding her own very large, heavy stomach while her husband stood behind her, his arms wrapped around her, his hands gently cupping her melon sized breast.

On woman said, " the photo is disgusting. Imagine some man holding a pregnant woman's breasts." I said, "The man is her husband. This is their first child. They are very happy."

Then I asked her who she thought he was and she bristled with embarrassment. It amazes me how often people project their own 'pornographic thoughts' on to other peoples work.

I don't think mainstream are ready for sensual photos of breasts being caressed. Or maybe I'm not ready to take on that task.

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