The Breast Blog: Breast Hair

I get a number of questions asking why women have hair on their breasts. These women tell me how 'the hair' is ruining their sex life, or is an embarrassment that makes their life difficult to enjoy.

Here's what I think when I hear this particular belief. It's not the breast hair that's causing the problem. It's a woman's attitude about the breast hair that's creating the negativity.

Many of our problems are self generated by the attitudes and beliefs we hold on to. Change your perspective. Resolve the issue. What if you decided that breast hair was really sexy?

We pretty much have hair every place else on our bodies including our faces, legs, arms, backs and butts. Some women have more hair than others just like some men have more hair than other men. Having hair is not bad. It's natural. Hating what is natural is more likely the problem.

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