The Breast Blog: Model Material

The woman serving me in the candy store knew that I published the Breast of Canada calendar. We'd chatted about sales and distribution during previous encounters. Today, her question centred on where I got my models.

When I told her that sometimes I get my models by asking the women who ask me where I get my models if they would like to be a model, she instantly turned red, wrapped her arms around her breasts and laughted nervously. Then she proceeded to tell me that she was flat and therefore not photographable. When I explained that I get criticized for not having enough small breasted women in the calendar and that she would be welcome, she laughed again, vigorously shaking her head back and forth.

A few feeble jokes were lobed around about gravity not being a problem for her plus a reference to being permanently perky and I repeated my offer while handing her my card. Only if you change your mind, I explained. Being a model is a powerful experience I confirmed.

This woman, slim, early fifties and small breasted had no reason that I could see for feeling the inadequacy that she felt about her breasts. I don't expect everyone to want to be a model. But wouldn't it be nice if we all felt like model material?

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