The Breast Blog: Terry's Breast

Perspective is everything. Following a thrilling evening of watching the Rockwood Farmer's Parade of Lights on the side of the 4th line, my gal friend Tannis returned to my cozy living room for a bevy. The first thing she noticed was Terry's ceramic breast resting on my coffee table.

But, before I get into Tannis's observations of my new breast housemate (read A Historic Event) , I must tell you about the parade.

Rockwood is 8 kilometers west of Guelph. I suspect the population is nearing the 1,000 mark. Every year for the last decade or so, the farmers from the rural area host a nighttime parade. Manure spreaders, combines, thrashers and ancient tractors are adorn with cleverly positioned lights, balloons, tinsel and various plastic xmas figures and paraded around the country block. We thought we'd arrive in town, set up in front of the tiny famous bakery and join in the celebrations with a few hundred folk. When traffic stopped a full kilometer from town limits, we had to adjust our set.

There were thousands of people streaming into town.

The parade can only be described as a life long Christmas highlight for me. A manure spreader sure can look pretty all decked out in finery and loaded up with Santa hat clad people, waving and wishing the parade watchers good cheer.

What Tannis and I thought we were attending, and what we did attend, was vastly different.

On to Terry's ceramic breast. Tannis noticed it immediately upon entering the room. "Is that an ashtray?", she inquired, noting that it looked like something from a gag shop. Ouch I thought. Who would use a breast as an ashtray? It seems like such a disrespectful thing to do.

Same breast, different perspective.

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