The Breast Blog: Dropped Threads

A few year's ago, I picked up a copy of Dropped Threads, an anthology of women's writers. The premise of the book was to provide stories for women, about things that we may not know or have forgotten. Hence the name.

It was an enjoyable read and I understand quite a success given the arrival of Dropped Threads 2 a year or so later. Last weekend, in the Book Review section of the Globe and Mail, one of Canada's national newspapers, I noticed and ripped out a call for proposals for Dropped Threads 3, This I Know, what mothers and mentors have to tell.

I am not a mother. But I do mentor. And boy oh boy do I know a pile about our hangups around our breasts. Every woman seems to have their own variety. Too small, too big, too soft, too hard, nipple to big, nipple too small and on and on and on.

How can women become less self conscious and critical about every little difference they see and often don't see but fear? Our breasts are all fine. Very fine indeed.

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