The Breast Blog: Saturday Market

"You're the woman who makes the Breast of Canada Calendar aren't you?"

I was at a market stall, buying a bundle of leeks at the time and thinking more about my stomach than my work.

I smile at the excited stranger and nodded yes.

"I'm Anne and this is my friend Betsy from Montreal." With that, Anne extended her hand and gives me a solid and serious handshake. " Good work", she adds, "really good work."

The bacon lineup is short considering that the market is packed. I grab a number and within minutes my turn comes. As I wait for the weighing and packaging of my pork strips, another woman sidles up beside me that I vaguely recognize.

"I told my daughter to call you," she informs me after a brief greeting. "She wants to launch a topfree walk to raise money for breast cancer." I laugh and instantly remember the grief I got for using photographs of everyday ordinary topfree women in my calendars.

"Tell her I'd be happy to work with her", I say without hesitation. In my mind I see the first annual TopFree Parade winding through the street on giant bra style floats.

I wonder why Betsy has picked today to come to Guelph from Montreal. And I hope the daughter picks July for her topfree walk.

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