The Breast Blog: What's Normal

I get asked a lot of questions by women about their breasts. The range of queries are broad, but essentially boil down to one important sentiment. Are my breasts normal?

I'm coming to the perspective that for the most part, our breasts (and the rest of our body for that matter) are completely normal. And, our breasts are all uniquely different. For those of you who favour black and white thinking, this is likely upsetting. How can normal and different be used to describe the same thing?

For some reason, the word 'normal' has been linked in meaning with the word 'same'. To be normal requires us to be exactly like everyone else.

But what if the 'norm' or normal actually encompassed 'variation and diversity'? This would certainly help explain why women's breast size, shape, skin tone, nipples, texture, reaction and response range far beyond the narrow selection of images shaped and projected by the men and women working in the media and fashion industry.

We are surrounded by and bombarded with this narrow view. And we are repeatedly told that this view is normal in the most narrow sense of the word. It simply is not. Our most common image of women in today's world is but a microscopic slice of a much larger pie.

I remember joining the YMCA a few years ago. On my first morning, post exercise routine, I entered the change room to find a few dozen other women, in various states of nudity. As I huddled to keep myself carefully covered, out of shame and uncertainty, I could not help but notice just how different everyone's breasts and bodies were. And how comfortable they were with those differences. I eventually relaxed. And, I've never looked back.

Try this. Intentionally broaden your own perspective and definition of what is truly normal. There. How's that feel?

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